The quintessential holiday has for many years been described as a relaxing stroll or swim at a picturesque beach somewhere exotic with the sun’s resplendent rays shining on the sea’s eager waters. This is for good reason; a bright red sunset on the beach with an endless ocean stretching before you into the horizon is undeniably beautiful. It evokes a feeling that is somewhere halfway between casual happiness and excited euphoria. I Still haven’t figured out the right name for this feeling, but most people recognize it. Happyphoria, perhaps?

If you really want to replicate this feeling, that’s what today’s post is about. We’ll tell about places in the United States where you can go to chase the happyphoria. Here’s a list of the 5 best beaches to visit in the United States.


best beaches to visit - MAUI

Number one on the list of the best beaches to visit in the UNited States is Kapalua Beach!This beautiful beach in Maui Hawaii just about captures classic picture perfect Hawaii. This beach is ideal for snorkeling with a wide variety of fish to view. The scenic landscape was formed many ages ago by volcanic activity so you can be sure to see Mother Nature’s artwork live.


The Carolinas are among the top beach destinations in the US and not undeservedly. These are some of the most beautiful beaches you will ever visit. What better representative of this beauty than Myrtle Beach? Myrtle Beach is actually a resort along the Grand Strand section of South Carolina. It happens to be the number one vacation destination for the East Coast. Great activities include fishing, surfing, swimming and sailing.


best beaches to visit - COPPERS BEACH

This one’s located in the famous South Hamptons and happens to be a favorite playground for the who’s who. But that’s not the only reason this beach is so famous; it’s genuinely beautiful with rolling sand dunes and beach grass sprinkled sparingly. The mansions around are also exquisite looking, adding to the scenery.


This beach is on Cape Cod. Yep, the famous Cape Cod where celebrities and high profile politicians go to spend their holidays. The familiar New England charm can be felt with the lukewarm waters splashing against the coarse sand and the beautiful mountains in the distance. It’s actually called Coast Guard Beach because a temporary coast guard was stationed here by the US army once.


best beaches to visit - SIESTA BEACH

Of course no such list would be complete without a Florida beach on the list. Siesta Beach is located in Sarasota and is a fairly wide beach that’s great for playing volleyball and other beach games. Or maybe you can just lie down and take a much needed siesta! Don’t forget your sunscreen and shade though.


With the holidays right around the corner, a beach holiday is a pretty attractive option with loads of fun for singles, couples, or entire families. Consider any of these 5 of the best beaches to visit in the United States and we promise you a pleasurably memorable experience. Chao!