When you plan to go on a vacation, one of the worries you may have is about the expenses you will incur in terms of hotel prices. Well, fear no more, because there are tips which will help you save money, be it for getting a good meal, going sightseeing or even buying souvenirs for loved ones. Here are those tips that will reduce the strain on your vacation budget.

1.Book with Hotels Directly

This has various benefits which are as follows.

i.Saves you money

Involving a third party in booking yourself a hotel room will prove expensive compared to when you book with the hotel directly. This is because the third party takes a cut of the hotel’s profit from your stay in form of commission paid to them by the hotel. When you book directly with the hotel, the hotel may give you a discount and still make more money compared to a situation where a third party is involved. In some cases, booking directly with the hotel gives you an opportunity to see all the exclusive deals offered by the hotel that is aimed at saving you money. These deals are not usually made available to customers who book through a third party.

ii.Better chances of getting a good room

In most hotels, there are rooms that are reserved for those who are brought in through third parties. These rooms are not usually the best rooms available in the hotels and you may get a room that does not meet your expectations. On the other hand, if you decide to book directly, you are provided with all the options available at the hotel. Also, you may get special discounts on rooms if you are on a special occasion such as anniversaries.

iii.Better service

People who book directly are usually served better. This service may come in form of benefits such as free breakfast. Also when you book directly with hotels, you develop a personal relationship with the hotel and therefore they will be focused on giving you a good experience so that you go back to them in future. In cases where you have to abruptly cancel your trip, hotels have a customer-friendly cancellation policy which may not be the case if you involve a third party.

2.Conduct Research on Hotel Options Available

So as to get the best options available, visit comparison sites to compare pricing of hotel rooms by various hotels. Most of the time the same rooms with the same quality of service have prices that greatly differ. Ensure you call the hotel and confirm that the prices they have on their sites match the actual prices they charge.

3.Watch out for Hidden Taxes and Expenses

Some brokers have a tendency to conceal the actual costs of a stay per day until the last booking page. If your vacation involves visiting another country, you will realize that many countries charge room tax per day, which is not clearly stated at all times. Some comparison sites only show the prices excluding taxes. It is important to click through the final prices to see the actual price.

4.Be on the Lookout for Special Opening Rates

Scout around for special opening rates because new hotels usually give special rates that can involve discounts of 50% or even more so as to build a customer base. Some may even give complimentary stays so as to lure more customers. Keep a close eye for these offers through social media and forum threads for alerts on new opening discounts.

In a vacation, the more spare money you have at your disposal, the more alternatives of having fun. Saving on hotel expenses goes a long way in helping you get a souvenir for your loved ones or having that one hearty meal you have always wanted. These tips will come in handy when saving money.