Finally, it’s that golden chance where you have a getaway to a fancy beach vacation, but you are wondering what to pack. Here is a list of clothing, equipment, accessories and health & beauty things you will need to have a perfect beach vacation.


Two or more swimsuits are the most basic needs for the beach because you won’t resist a good swim besides sunbathing. Swimsuit cover up comes in handy in case that walk back to your hotel room is not comfortable when in your swimsuits.

ii)Dresses, shorts and shirts
These additional clothing are for the times you won’t be swimming for instance dinners, walks in town and other activities. You can pack gym clothes in case you will be working out during the vacation. A floppy hat will be an excellent addition to your dress. Remember to pack enough underwear and PJs for the night.


Beach vacations are meant to be memorable, and thus you should bring along your camera and batteries in case it uses them. Your phone and the charger are something you may not forget but remember to check. Most smartphones have good cameras and can replace the need for a camera.

ii)Additional Equipment
Depending on your distance from the destination, you may bring along beach toys, beach chairs, beach blanket, alarm clock, cooler, hair dryer, goggles, floating devices and other equipment. These, however, will not be necessary in case you are flying.


You will need a beach bag to carry your things to the beach. A pair of flipflops is essential as well as sunglasses to protect your eyes. In case you use glasses or contact lenses, make sure you do carry them, and it is advisable to bring an extra pair. A sun hat comes in handy to protect your head from the sunlight.

4.Health & Beauty Items

i)Body lotion and creams
Remember to bring along the cream your skin is used to so that it is kept healthy. Face cleansers, aloe gels, lip balm, deodorant and other valuable items are essential.

The beach gets quite higher heating from the sunlight, and thus you will need sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburns.

iii)Ladies sanitary items
The sanitary items are a precautionary measure just in case you need them during the vacation.

iv)First aid kit
A fully equipped kit is vital and is a life saver in the event of any accidents and sudden sicknesses while on your vacation.

v)Insect repellent
The warm beach environment also favours some insects like mosquitoes and thus it is critical to bring the repellent along to stay healthy.

vi)Antibacterial wipes
Staying healthy will enable you to enjoy the vacation so antibacterial wipes should be on the list.