San Francisco is a ‘tourist sized’ city – six square miles! This manageable size allows the average visitor to cross a good number of items off the standard itinerary in a day. Listed below, in no particular order, are the seven best things to do in San Francisco.

1. Fisherman’s Wharf

Things to do in San Francisco - Fisherman's Warf

To avoid the tourist rush, start your day early, get to Fisherman’s Wharf and check out the giant sea lions that lounge around Pier 39. After which head straight to Stockton St. into North Beach and get yourself a breakfast treat at Mama’s. A Mama’s breakfast tucked in place, and you’re set for the rest of the day!

2. Coit Tower

Things to do in San Francisco - Coit Tower

The Coit Tower, perched on top of the historic Telegraph Hill, is your typical city view point. Not much can be said about its own looks, but the views of the city it provides make it worth the time spent. While inside the tower, you must check out the paintings it houses.

3. The Stairs of Telegraph Hill

Things to do in San Francisco - Telegraph HIll

Once you’re done with viewing the city from Coit Tower, it’s time to go down the stairs of Telegraph Hill – all four hundred of them! Take your time admiring the colorful flora, butterflies, beautiful houses and gardens that dot your way. And remember, only take these steps on your way down!

4. The Golden Gate Bridge

Things to do in San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge

The symbol of the city, the Golden Gate bridge is an engineering marvel and not really golden but a sort of rust in color. That aside, a walk down the bridge is one of the best walks in the country. At most times, there is a fog that surrounds the bridge, and it adds to the scenic romance of the walk. Very often SF tour guides suggest that you hire a bike and ride instead of walk the bridge. Bikes are easily available for hiring at affordable prices.

5. AT&T Park

Things to do in San Francisco

If you’re in San Francisco in baseball season, you owe it to yourself to swing by the AT&T Park and catch a game. Without doubt, this is one of the finest ballparks in the country. And the food could give any other ballpark in the country a run for its money!

6. The Golden Gate Park

Things to do in San Francisco - Golden Gate Park

For those who vote New York’s Central Park as the best park in the country, visit the Golden Gate Park. It is beautiful, with its countless trees and Victorian greenhouse, the oldest greenhouse this side of the Thames. The park also has a Bison Paddock at one end, with a herd of bison you can observe.

7. Alcatraz

Things to do in San Francisco - Alcatraz

No visit to SF is complete without a round of Alcatraz, or so say most San Francisco travel guides. Alcatraz is an infamous island prison known for its inmates trying to escape it. Interestingly, it has been a federal prison only for twenty nine of its one hundred and four year old history. It has also been a military jail and been occupied by American Indians for about a year. And good to see that the National Park service has done a great job preserving it!

San Fancisco has something for every kind of traveler. There are a whole lot of sights for the tour hungry tourist. At the same time the city offers an equal amount of choice for the fine diner, and if wining is your cup of tea, you’ll be spoilt for choice! This foggy Californian city usually leaves a great impression on those who visit it… is it the weather or the people? The jury is divided!