Planning a snow vacation may come with mixed feelings. There is the thrill and excitement of venturing into the arctic. On the other hand, you may not be sure about what to pack for a snow vacation. The activities you can engage in are endless. Be it skiing or sledding, there is something for everyone. The important aspect to remember is that snow is cold and wet. For maximum comfort and enjoyment, it is important to carry some essential items. These include:

1 – Proper Clothing

Ensure that you pack items such as warm scarfs, gloves, hats and ski pants and jacket. A good pair of waterproof breathable gloves will help protect your fingers from cold. Frostbite is harsh and the last thing you would need is numb fingers. Some advanced gloves have an inbuilt self- heating system to ensure your hands are warm all through. A nice scarf will not only keep you warm but also look stylish. Ensure that the scarf is warm enough but not bulky. Your head and face should also be protected from severe weather conditions. A warm hat will help keep your head comfortable.

2 – Snow Boots

Your regular boots may not be adequate for a snow vacation. It is advisable to invest in a pair of snow boots. The boots are specially designed for cold and wet environments. The shoes should be waterproof and warm on the inside. Snow boots tend to have a firm grip on the snow thus you are not likely to slide and fall while walking.

3 – Sunscreen

Most people tend to assume that you don’t need sun screen for a snow vacation. This is not the case at all. Sun tends to reflect off the ice and the glare can really burn. It is therefore appropriate to carry some UV protection cream.

4 – Waterproof Bag

Once you gather the necessary items for a snow vacation, pack them in a water proof bag. Such bags are designed to survive harsh terrain, hail, snow and rain. A good bag will keep water from penetrating into your belongings.

5 – Waterproof Camera

Being a vacation, you will definitely need to capture some moments on camera. When acquiring a camera go for the waterproof version. This will allow you take photos freely without the fear of your gadget being damaged by water. You can always use a waterproof case for your phone so you can safely take pictures. Action cams are always a great investment as well. Go Pro cameras are the normal buy for these types of vacations.

The list of items to carry for a snow vacation is diverse. What you need to carry will depend on factors such as duration of the stay and the people tagging along. For instance, if you are taking a vacation with your kids, you may need some additional items. Take whatever helps boost your comfort and enjoyment!